The seeds of innovation

Introduction to a dedicated designer
Exotic Indian drums, ancient Tibetan woodcarving, classic-era boat building and the skilled hands of master luthiers – it’s not the introduction of a Joseph Campbell novel, it’s the beginnings of a distinctive, creative career for designer-maker, Adam Cruickshank. Combine these eclectic, nascent learnings with formal qualifications and local peer-group collectives, add some genuine desire to push boundaries and question every process – and you’re still not even close to describing the dedication to craftsmanship and innovation informing Adam’s work.

New crafts

Branching out
Recently Adam decided it was time to branch out and launch himself as an independent designer, he now divides his time between creating his select product range and taking on new commission work – both avenues which fully explore his high level of craftsmanship, quality and design innovation. Adam’s focus on innovation begins during the design stages and continues throughout the manufacturing and final crafting.

Far beyond the expected

Supporting Local Work
Representing a quality alternative beyond the expected retailers, Adam’s commission work offers the exclusivity of unique, hand-crafted, locally-made products. The standard of such work is only achievable by a highly capable craftsperson with hand-selected materials. Commissioning work also allows you the chance to be part of the process and importantly, supports the local design industry – making the process even more fulfilling.